Indirect Tax Services (VAT and Gaming Duty, etc)

6th June 2016

Indirect Tax Services (VAT and Gaming Duty, etc)VAT Services

Value added tax (VAT) is a complicated taxation system, with different VAT rates in use depending on the item involved, or who you are selling/buying it to/from, or where you or they are located.

We are happy to help you through this minefield of legislation and advise you on your VAT compliance and assist you with other issues like margin schemes, flat rate schemes, buying and selling a business and with any VAT issues you have involving trading with foreign countries, etc.

We can also set up your online VAT Account, deal with VAT registration and de-registration issues, changing your VAT Quarter and can assist you in completing your VAT returns, EC Sales Lists and help with disputes with HMRC.

As with the bookkeeping, we can complete your VAT Returns and/or EC Sales Lists on your behalf. Either as part of preparing your books, or on their own, so you can concentrate on running your business.


Machine Gaming Duty

We also offer the same services regarding the online submissions of Machine Gaming Duty on your behalf, too.

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