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Introduction and Pricing Structure

Blackpool Independent Reporting AccountantsHaving been operating in the centre of Blackpool for nearly 70 years, we have great experience in dealing with the special circumstances and conditions, which someone operating a business in a coastal resort will face.

We also have extensive knowledge of businesses, both locally, and further afield, from part-time hobbies to large Limited Companies, covering all sorts of industries from the most basic to the high tech.

And we can tailor our services that fit best to you and your business’s particular needs.

So as such, we don’t have a set price for our services, as that is dependant on your business’s requirements and this can be discussed at a FREE initial consultation.

We can also offer you a regular monthly payment option, which can help you with your cashflow, so you are not faced with a large bill at the end of the year.

Our Services
Preparation of Accounts
Forming & Managing Limited Companies
Bookkeeping Services
Business Advice and
Tax Consultation and Planning
New Business Start-ups
Payroll Services
Self Assessment and Tax Return Services
Indirect Tax Services
(VAT and Gaming Duty, etc)


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